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Reach more than 1,500 community members as a dedicated sponsor of a Host2Host Newsletter. Your business name, logo, a brief byline and URL link will go out to over 1,500 people! With an open rate of nearly 50%, your business will be in the inboxes of thousands. Use this to send out a special promotion or just to acquaint folks with your services.

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Reach directly into the inboxes of over 1,500 people and enjoy an open rate of nearly 50%!

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Our newsletter is shared to close to 20,000 people via Host2Host social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Website Bonus:

Your business logo and URL link will be included on the Host2Host home page. 

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Reach more than 2,500 short-term rental hosts on social media channels for the Host2Host community. This offer includes a Host2Host social media post dedicated to your business with your graphic and preferred URL link.


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