Host2Host Partnership with Travel Portland

Host2Host is proud to be in partnership with Travel Portland

Travel Portland generates travel demand that drives economic impact for Portland. In short, they bring visitors to our city, many of whom stay in our short-term rentals. The more visitors they bring, the better our businesses do and vice versa.

Check out their visitor's center downtown!

Host2Host's relationship with Travel Portland supports STR hosts on many levels:

  • Host2Host has a seat on the Travel Portland board of directors. It gives us invaluable insights into Travel Portland's activities and the opportunity to engage the Board and staff with issues important to Short Term Rental hospitality.
  • Host2Host members are invited to attend many of Travel Portland's educational events for free.
  • Host2Host members can share helpful resources with their guests from Travel Portland's many guides.

Easy Trip Planning Tool

Here is an awesome new tool to share with your short-term rental guests. Travel Portland has created a QR code which links to relevant information on the Travel Portland  website.

Just point your phone's camera at the QR code to access Travel Portland.

Guests will find lots of information about things to do in Portland and the surrounds, upcoming events, cool neighborhoods, Portland's Patio Guide, Food Cart Finder, etc.

The card is available as a 
downloadable PDF for you to print or send to your guests. You could also convert the PDF to a JPG and add it to your STR listing photos. Or request a JPG image @

When we meet in person again, we'll have the printed cards available too. Lovin' it!

Resources for You

Here are some great resources to help you connect with the local travel industry 

Visit the Travel Portland Visitor's Center - Learn more about the city we all love and find print and online resources to provide to your guests. It's free and the staff are ready to help you be a better host!

Become a Portland Insider - Sign up for a free Travel Portland membership. Receive the weekly Travel Portland Industry Update email, find out about events of interest to you.

Convention Planning Tool - Members can access details about upcoming conferences happening in Portland to help you increase bookings. Includes dates, expected attendance, headquarter locations and convention titles.

Host2Host Presentation - Travel Portland presented at the September 8, 2022 in-person meetup. Learn more about how Travel Portland helps hosts.

State of the Industry and Awards Program - June 24, 2021 video recording - a look back at the local travel industry, including some interesting data charts about the recent state of travel from Steve Halasz, Travel Portland's Director of Research (at 8 min mark). At the 12:45 mark, he shows  data for Short Term Rentals.

Learn about Travel Portland's Tourism Master Plan and view initiatives and other statistics. A lot of great information here. 

Tools and Resources for Local Businesses - here you will find:

  • Travel Portland 101 video - a good place to learn about Travel Portland
  • Google My Business Toolkit
  • Social Media Toolkit - Connect with Travel Portland on Social Media, Share postings and use Hashtags to get you noticed
  • Neighborhood Videos
  • Additional Assets, etc.

Resources for your Guests

Share Specific Travel Portland resource guides with your guests. Grab a link or two or three from Travel Portland's website (or use the links below) to help your guests connect with what interests them.

Visitor's Center

People at the Portland Visitors Center

Find a Food Cart                   

Portland Patio Guide            

Things to Do in Portland       


Cultural Committees           

Portland Events                   

Portland Maps - downloadable 

Host2Host has a seat on the Travel Portland Board

Host2Host's Travel Portland Board Member

Becky Burnett

Becky is honored to join the Travel Portland Board of Directors beginning July of 2022. A short-term rental host, co-host and business owner herself, Becky is uniquely qualified to represent Host2Host and all short-term rental hosts in the Portland area.

Ryan Tigner

Ryan Tigner

Ryan is glad to be a part of the Travel Portland Board of Directors. A Property Management company founder, he has a strong handle on the short-term rental marketplace and, like Becky, is uniquely qualified to represent Host2Host in conversations with industry representatives.

How Host2Host gained a seat on the Travel Portland Board

The honor for membership on the Travel Portland was won at the City of Portland hearing on STR tax ordinances in June 2018. Host2Host organized the testimony of many H2H members. It was the first time the City of Portland became aware of Host2Host. City Commissioners were delighted to learn about our organization and requested that Travel Portland offer two seats for the short term rental industry on their board.

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