Happy Valley


16000 SE Misty Dr

Happy Valley, OR 97086


Last updated: 9-30-2019



Are STRs Regulated?

Somewhat (see notes)

Any Lodging Tax info?

Yes, for Clackamas County (see link)


They require a business license and can not be a "rooming house". There are no inspections and operate with a "complaint based" system.

Rooming house: A single-family dwelling, accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or either unit of a two-family dwelling (duplex), which is rented for a valuable consideration or wherein rooms with or without cooking facilities are rented for a valuable consideration to or occupied between more than two and up to five or more natural persons unrelated by blood, marriage or legal adoption to the owner or operator of the house. Foster children placed in a lawful foster family home, a community residential home with six or fewer residents, a nursing home, or a residential care facility shall not be considered a rooming house.

Temporary gratuitous guests as used herein shall refer to natural persons occasionally visiting the single-family house for a short period of time not to exceed thirty (30) days within a ninety (90) day period.

We spoke with Michael Cyncar in Planning: 503-783-3821

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