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Last updated: 10-2-2019


Clackamas, Washington

Are STRs Regulated?

There are no parameters for operating an STR but hosts must pay transient lodging tax if operating more than 7 days per calendar year.

Any Lodging Tax info?

Yes, Wilsonville collects 5% transient lodging tax -- either through the 3rd party or by the individual.

Also, see pertinent County link below.


Ordinance No. 825 Exhibit A

Page 8

"273. Short-Term Rental: A dwelling unit or portion thereof subject to a lease term, rental agreement, or similar agreement, either directly or through a professional vacation rental-company or similar, less than monthly, generally daily or weekly. Involves rental to only one party at a time. A dwelling unit with rental of different rooms during the same period to different parties is not considered a short-term rental, but may meet the definition of a bed and breakfast home or boarding house or hotel, motel, or overnight lodging facility."

Page 6

"124. Home Occupation: “Home Occupation” means an An occupation, profession, or craft, which is customarily incidental to or carried on in a dwelling place or premises and not one in which the use of the premises as a dwelling place is largely incidental to the business use. A home occupation is carried on by an immediate member of the family residing within the dwelling place. A home occupation shall require no structural alteration or changes to the exterior of the dwelling, and shall include no display of merchandise on the premises which can be seen from the exterior of the dwelling. Any instruction shall be limited to one pupil at a time. Noise, odor, smoke, gases, fallout, vibration, heat or glare resulting from the use shall not be of the intensity as to be detected outside of the containing structure. Traffic and parking are to be such as to give no outward appearance that a business is being conducted on the premises. Short term rental of a dwelling unit or portion thereof where the operator of the short-term rental lives on the same lot is a home occupation."

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