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Are STRs Regulated?


Any Lodging Tax info?



 - Permit required to rent units to overnight guests for < 30 days at a time. More information available via BDS link below.

 - Registration requirements from the Revenue department link below.

As of 9/4/19 ("pass thru registration"): The City of Portland and home sharing platforms reached an agreement regarding how city-mandated data sharing would be implemented. Find more details via this Ensourced blog post.

New Hosts already in the old BDS permit process can find an October 2019 clarification update on the STR Permits blog.

Don’t fear the "Neighborhood Notice"!

As part of the application process for a Type A short term rental permit in Portland, you will need to notify your neighbors and your Neighborhood Association (NA) of your plans, using a form that can be found on portlandoregon.gov.

It’s an easy process, and though mandated, it’s really just a courtesy that you should do anyway. The most important thing to know is that neither your neighbors nor the NA can veto or delay your permit application.

The NA will get a copy which you will mail or otherwise deliver to them, they’ll look at it, maybe make a comment at their next meeting, and that’s about it. (And by the way, you should consider attending your NA meetings yourself, if you don’t do so already.) There is no specified way to notify your neighbors, but you can mail it or just walk around door-to-door (don’t put it in the mailbox, that’s just for USPS to use).

The door-to-door method is recommended because you really should meet your immediate neighbors face-to-face if you don’t know them already. Most either don’t care or will be interested in booking your place for relatives and overflow guests. Completing the Neighborhood Notice process is a net positive – just do it!


Bureau of Development Services - https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bds/66835

Department of Revenue - https://www.portlandoregon.gov/revenue/article/415034#Registration

Multnomah County – Chapter 11 - Revenue and Taxation: https://multco.us/file/15992/download

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