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Who is Host2Host?

Host2Host is an Oregon-registered, membership-based, non-profit 501(c)6 trade association. We seek to protect and enhance the interests of Oregon’s homesharing host community.

H2H recognizes that the short-term rental phenomenon has social consequences. Our members seek to operate their homesharing businesses in a manner that adds value not just to the individual bottom line, but to the community as well.

Who is a member of Host2Host?

Anybody can become a member of Host2Host. We are focused on serving as a unified voice for Oregon’s homesharing host community. We also promote connecting hosts with local small businesses. Hosts outside of Oregon may join for the access to our on-line educational resources and business directory.

Portland-focused or statewide advocacy?

In the immediate term, Host2Host is primarily focused on Portland regulatory policy and permit matters. As time and resources permit, we expect to expand our reach.

Host2Host works to protect and enhance the interests of the homesharing host community. We advocate for common sense regulation and taxation within the communities we are proud to call home.


Common sense regulatory improvement and permit reform

Host2Host recognizes that the City of Portland was among the first cities in the world to regulate and tax its Host community.  As a result, some components of the City's regulatory structure make sense while others do not.  Host2Host will be pursuing common sense regulatory reform for its host community. 

We will also be developing a list of municipality permitting requirements in the greater Portland area to include on this website.


What does Host2Host want? 

We seek a seat at the policy-making table. To date, policy and regulatory dialogue has been limited to the City, various homesharing host platforms, and a variety of special interest groups. Portland’s host community has not been invited into the conversation.

This oversight needs to be corrected. Portland’s host community is both most knowledgeable about the home sharing rental experience in our community and most impacted by the policy and regulatory decisions.

Specifically, we seek common sense permit reform. We expressly acknowledge there was little to no real-world guidance to inform the City’s original regulatory home-share regime. Nearly four years later, we have tens of thousands of host/guest experiences that inform our collective understanding. That real-world experience needs to inform our policy and regulatory framework.


Where are we involved?

Currently Host2Host is most active in the City of Portland.  There, hosts have practical experience with the City of Portland's regulatory process since July 2014.

Host2Host is proud to have members from across the State of Oregon and SW Washington.  We support the interests of our members outside Portland as resources permit. 

We share with hosts in our local communities.

Every day, our member hosts open their homes to visitors from all parts of the world, sharing their spaces and insights about their community. In turn, we generate millions of dollars annually in tax revenue, allocated by the City to affordable housing.

We support our local businesses.


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