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Resource Guides are downloadable in their entirety to Host2Host members, while introductions are available to anyone visiting the site. Feel free to browse the topics below.

Looking for a topic you don’t see? Email and make a suggestion for a future Guide.

And if you’re the expert in a field, or highly knowledgeable … please consider sharing your information by writing a Resource Guide! Drop a line to with your idea and we'll send you our Author's Tips document.  We’ll post relevant, quality Resource Guides here. We all benefit from sharing our expertise.

Thanks for visiting H2H University, and we hope you find the Guides helpful in your hosting!

How to use these guides:

Resource Guide Introduction:  Some topics include a brief introduction to the Guide. Introductions are available to the public.

Resource Guides:  The complete document, video or other content is for use by Host2Host members only. 

Contact the author:  Click on the name of the author and you will be connected to their Host2Host profile.

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