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    • Wed, November 10, 2021
    • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
    • Zoom
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    It's been another year!  The pandemic continues, the kids are back in school (more or less), tax payments got delayed again, Federal support arrived for some and additional support appears to be stalled in Congress once again.

    • What changes can you expect in the 2021 tax year? 
    • What future opportunities might you not be aware of? 

      Find out from our panel of tax experts. We have three tax mavens lined up to cover all this and more. These gals are very familiar with short term rentals and all have presented to our group in the past. 

        Our panelists will begin with brief introductions and then we'll dive right in to what is on your mind. No doubt you have a few questions.

        Use the Click Here link below to share your question(s) before the meet-up. They will be first up. This portal will remain open until 4pm on Nov, 10. 

        Our Panel includes:

        Stephanie Solomon, is an Enrolled Agent, Oregon Licensed Tax Preparer, California Tax Education Council Registered Tax Preparer, NY Tax Preparer with Block Advisors.

        Stephanie has been preparing taxes for over a decade. She specializes in multi-state, international and complex returns including small business, rental and other passive income streams and trusts and estates. She is also a long time Host2Host member and has many Short-Term Rental hosts among her clients. 

        Jaydra Perfetti is a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Private Investigator, an IRS Enrolled Agent, and an OR Licensed Tax Consultant.  She spent over a decade working for IRS, auditing individuals and businesses, and conducting fraud investigations. 

        In 2017 she left the service and founded Paper Investigator Inc, where her current practice focuses on forensic accounting, financial investigation, and tax consulting.  Jaydra’s personal mission is to solve problems, help people, and make the world a better place. 

        Eve Davis holds the Enrolled Agent status awarded by the IRS and is an Oregon Licensed Tax Consultant. She started her career as a tax preparer in 1996 and has owned and operated In or Out Tax Service Inc. for 22 years. 

        She works with hundreds of clients  

        who operate short term rentals. And strives to help clients understand what they can and can’t deduct and what records to keep, in a language the non-accountant can understand!

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        • Non Members - $15

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