Most of us consider ourselves accidental entrepreneurs. Many of us stepped into hosting because our desire for enhanced income security matched with our passion for welcoming and caring for guests. Beyond that we now want to hone our skills for business, building community, bridging cultural differences and raising our levels of professional practice. You will find that Host2Host offers you many ways to self-educate, as well as to join groups of like minded individuals.

Host2Host University: You Can't Fail Here

As a member of the Host2Host professional association, you have access to several types of educational programs designed to help you achieve success and satisfaction in your hosting. We call the educational program "Host2Host University" (H2H-U). Our focus is to help you succeed.

'H2H-U' is intended to become a training ground for hosts to increase their areas of expertise.  In addition to our monthly meet-ups, we will be offering classes, workshops and webinars covering hosting specifics such as how to create your website, tips on photography, expert research papers, interior design, local policy and more.



As Host2Host grows, so does our

    Business Directory   

to help you locate companies and resources that support your work as hosts. As a Host2Host member, you are entitled to member offers and discounts.

We are also building a set of unique 

       Hosting Guides     

that address areas we need to know about, for example, insurance, beg bugs, service animals, etc.

Thanks for visiting H2H University. We hope you find the Guides helpful in your hosting!


Local Meetings on Relevant

and Timely Topics

We hold monthly Meet-ups in different parts of town to learn from experts in their field, ask questions, network with new colleagues and improve our personal brand of hosting.  A few of the past 65 topics include:

  • Licensing & Permitting
  • Security
  • Service Animals
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning
  • Photography 
  • Bed Bugs
  • + many more!

Upcoming Meetups

Special Events

Conferences, Vendor Fairs, Parties! Oh My!

Conferences are perfect opportunities for condensed learning, but they offer so much more. The energetic vibe is unique and impossible to duplicate in any other kind of setting. Networking, educational breakouts, consulting with experts, making new friends, sharing ‘aha’ moments are what we aim for. 

Host2Host Vendor Fairs bring together dozens of service and product companies who support the STR industry.

And did we say "Parties"?

Oh Yes, don't miss one of those. 

Special Events



and Blogs with Purpose

As Host2Host grows, we will be offering a series of blogs and podcasts. We value sharing host expertise, and member contributions are welcome and encouraged. Some of this information will be shared with the general public, some will be ‘members-only’ content. This is a great place to develop and share your writing and speaking skills, and for us to share ours.

In the meantime, join us in conversation on Facebook

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