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April Brenneman

April began homesharing to supplement her family income, and her income from Airbnb helps keep them afloat. She’s an excellent, warm and caring host. When recently they had an invasion of bedbugs, our community came to their aid. As a direct result of our work together, Proper Insurance will be covering bed bug extermination insurance coverage beginning May 2018. It is the first insurance company to offer this kind of coverage.

Why did you become a host, and why have you remained a host?

"I became a host to help make ends meet financially. It seemed a natural fit as I’ve hosted people from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Israel and other USA states in my home for years."

What have you learned about yourself and your guests in the process?

"I learned that Airbnb hosting is easier, because I do not have to cook meals or entertain my guests. I learned that people are basically kind, respectful and responsible. I also discovered that hosting is a core part of who I am."

What about hosting has surprised you, and how has that shaped your experiences going forward with guests?

"I think it surprised me that I could have complete strangers in my home and feel safe. It opened up my understanding of a benevolent universe. I’m not saying bad things don’t happen or that there are not people out there who have evil intentions, but I am saying that for the most part human beings are capable of goodness and demonstrate that goodness over evil. It has restored my hope in humankind."

What are your thoughts on the benefits of an organization of like minded folks coming together across listing platforms to provide support, education, and advocacy for hosts in their own businesses, as well as with municipal policies and requirements?

"A Host2Host Organization is crucial. It’s a support system, a powerful tool and way to build community. We are not alone. I have experienced this supportive system and their kindness and education first hand."

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