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Dave and Silke Monnie

The Monnies have been Airbnb hosts from way back. They have LOTS of experience and obviously love what they're doing.

Why did you become a host, and why have you remained a host? What have you learned about yourself and your guests in the process?

"We've always enjoyed sharing our home with others. We've had numerous housemates, raised children here, and had relatives live with us off and on. It feels right. We find ourselves now with an empty nest, and extra space. Turning that into an ADU, a self-contained apartment with its own entrance, provides a way to continue sharing this space with others, with a little more privacy, and creates a way to pay for itself as well. The income isn't our main priority, however - if we didn't like meeting new people, trying to make them comfortable, and act as an ambassador to this awesome city, we wouldn't be doing it."

What about hosting has surprised you, and how has that shaped your experiences going forward with guests?

"We're in our fifth year of doing this, and it isn't getting old or tiring at all. You end up having all kinds of guests - what works for one doesn't necessarily work for the next. Some people appreciate chatting and getting the scoop on fun things to do, some people would rather not interact at all. We've gotten good at figuring out the best way to either help out or just stay out of the way."

What are your thoughts on the benefits of an organization of like minded folks coming together across listing platforms to provide support, education, and advocacy for hosts in their own businesses, as well as with municipal policies and requirements?

"When we first started hosting, there weren't nearly as many people doing it yet. Through trial and error, we made some mistakes, and figured out what worked and what didn't. It would have been nice to have a place to go to ask questions and hear first hand from others who had already been through that process. We enjoy sharing what we've learned with others who are just starting out. Sometimes you don't realize how much you know until people start asking you questions, and you realize you have the answers, and that feels good."

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